So this is what I’m about … Using a unique combination of skills I have acquired over the years my target is to get you out of your limiting story and into creating your brilliant, empowered body, life and living using a combination of tools and techniques, in particular those of Access Consciousness.

In my original career as a nurse I realised how much I enjoyed nursing woman, when other nurses didn’t. As a woman myself I get you, your health and wellness concerns, being pregnant or not, career and business and the conflicts and judgements this may create in your life. I spent many years living in the wrongness of me and the choices I made until I found Access Consciousness and began to ask questions the Access way.

Now I love every minute of my magical health and life and wish you ease, joy, magic and above all empowerment to be the most potent version of you it is possible for you to be.



Minerva's Cell, Edgar's Field, ChesterDeva Empowerment – Based in Chester, Cheshire

Deva is the name the Romans called Chester.  Deva is also a word that means goddess. In Roman times Chester had it’s own Roman goddess, Minerva.  Minerva is known as the Roman goddess of wisdom, medicine, commerce, handicrafts, poetry, arts and later defense (or war).In Chester there is a grade 1 listed shrine to Minerva in Edgar’s Field, Handbridge, (photograph).


Eureka! Eureka!

Since the start of this year, 2016, I have been explaining how Deva Empowerment came into being to many of my friends and on my radio show Empowerment Hour, at Calon FM.

I had the awareness that I havn’t yet shared this with my Deva Goddesses here in my blog so here it is in ‘About’.

So brilliant goddesses here goes, here is the story behind the flash of inspiration that created this website, Deva Empowerment.

It all happened in the bath as all good eureka moments do. Unlike Archimedes, to whom the word Eureka is attributed, I didn’t get out of my bath and run through the streets naked, you’ll be so glad to hear. I did however have a sudden realisation of the solution, to what I considered was the problem, of how to bring together the therapies I love and desire to share with you all … the eureka moment.

Once I had the solution I wondered what had been so difficult about bringing this together. Do you have moments like this? For some reason something is bogging you down and then when you let go of your point of view about it, get out of your own way, the resolution appears. This is what happened to me.

I knew that I wanted to bring together the therapies I know that are so simple and yet have a dynamic effect. They affect how we think, feel, look and know things about how we are living in the world. This can be challenging and at times it may feel safer to run and hide in the forest, under cover, away from prying eyes and wagging tongues.

At first it came to me to change the name of my weekly radio show I host at Calon FM. For the last three years my show has been called Feed Me and has been about how we feed ourselves heart, mind, body and soul. Now the show, which is live every Thursday morning from 11am, is called Empowerment Hour.

The format for Empowerment Hour is slightly different to Feed Me in that instead of a totally different guest every week, one guest, talented in their particular field of interest does every Thursday mornings in a particular month. This is so that you can get to know them, their topic and how this may help you to find your inner power and brilliance.

When it came to the website I had the strap line first ‘Therapies for Positive Health’. I wanted the therapies I love and use plus wellness products, the radio and Death Cafes easily accessible to you. But what was all this information about. What was it’s purpose I wondered as I wallowed and relaxed in the hot comforting water.

And then I made a connection. If the radio show was now Empowerment Hour I wanted the word Empowerment in the title name of this new website and essentially new venture. So it had to be ‘something Empowerment’ or ‘Empowerment something’.

I played around with things like Empowerment for women and decided this sounded a bit like a suffragette movement. Girls Empowered, not bad. And then I got it and IT wouldn’t leave me. My therapy practice is based in Chester and there is another word for Chester … Deva. Deva.

That was it. Once I had Deva I just knew.
I also knew that Deva translated from Hindu to mean goddess.

Here in chester we have our own Roman goddess, Minerva, in the photograph.

That was it. I want to primarily work with women … goddesses and I’m based in Chester.

Deva it was and Deva Empowerment it is.

If you would like to explore ways to get in touch with your inner brilliant goddess then I look forward to hearing from you.

You can connect with me via the email address deniseoliver@devaempowerment.co.uk , by telephone 07938 528885 and then there is Facebook and the Deva Empowerment page.

What do you require to be the brilliant healthy goddess you truly be?

With ease and appreciation to one and all.

Denise x