Energy Transformation

We are co-creators of our reality whether we wish to acknowledge this or not. I know, a bold statement hey? Something, somewhere has kept me alive in spite of my many health challenges, accidents and incidents along the way. When the NHS couldn’t help me, this place where I had begun my working career, I Continue reading »

Get Your Happy On

Today is World Happiness Day – YAY! Smile and again, and again, keep smiling, ask the corners of your lips to go up and down, up and down. Now you’re properly smiling, aren’t you? You’re not?  What is that? What can be done about that? How about you ask a question, such as  “Who does Continue reading »

The Energy of Words

Last week writer and Access Consciousness® practitioner Donnielle Carter ran a Zoom session on “The Energy of Words”. Donnielle runs workshops across the world to help people focus on communicating with their body. “I ask my body for one thing and get the complete opposite”. Now we can all agree that words have a very Continue reading »

What Is Access Bars® All About? Part 2

Where did it all begin? For Access Consciousness The Bars®, they started almost 30 years ago now. The Bars® were channelled by Gary Douglas, the founder of Access Consciousness. Gary is a man who has asked questions all his life, looking for that elusive something, trying many modalities including church movements. He was looking for Continue reading »

What Is Access Bars® All About? Part 1

Where did it all begin? For me, it was a little over 5 years ago, I was recovering from the effects of chronic fatigue brought on by Lyme disease and the treatments I had received. It had been a long battle and I was ready for a change and for my life to be more Continue reading »

Post Holiday Black Bananas

Post Holiday Black Bananas Arriving home from a 10 day holiday abroad opening the fridge there in front of me were four bananas. “Hellooooo,” said the bananas. “Hmmm,” said I. What do I do with you lot I wondered?   Years ago I always used a recipe, Date with a Banana Cake, from a Co-oP Continue reading »

Clear Lens Exchange – Part 3

Clear Lens Exchange – Part 3 Questions? Questions? Questions? How does it get any better than this?   I have been asked many questions about the Clear Lens Exchange operations I had. Many of them about people’s fears not about the possibilities that this form of surgery may generate. So in no particular order … Continue reading »

Clear Lens Replacement – Part 1

Clear Lens Exchange – Part 1 Where it all began. Once upon a time a mid 20 something young woman worked for the NHS as the Sister-in-Charge of the Fracture Clinic at Manchester Royal Infirmary, and yes, that 20 something was me. During my time there, and in my orthopeadic training before that, one of Continue reading »