When Minerva Calls

When Minerva calls Here I sit with Minerva. Minerva, the Roman Goddess of wisdom. The goddess who’s energy contributed to the creation of Deva Empowerment. Minerva, also goddess of quarrymen, arts and crafts and defense. Minerva – gentle, potent, powerful, empowering.     The warmth of the sun Awareness of my breathing The traffic in Continue reading »

Post Holiday Walnut-Cacao-Lemon Fudgy Delight

Post holiday and I’m wandering around my kitchen. Slowly it dawns on me that my body requires something. Hi body what is this? What is it you desire and require? I tidy up my kitchen food cupboard. As I’m doing this my body lurches forward as my hand falls on a bag of walnuts. Walnuts Continue reading »

One of only twelve in the UK!

One of only twelve in the UK!   A wee while back I was in conversation with a lovely lady about my first Certified Facilitator training that I attended in March this year, when she asked “What would it take for me to be there next year?”, there being Rome, or where ever is chosen Continue reading »

My first blog in ages.

My first blog in ages. As I sit here, inviting the inspiration to come and play and show me the words, I’m asking, “What you would like to hear from me?” And the first question I get from you is, “What have you been up to Denise that has kept you from creating blogs for Continue reading »

Apricot, oh so simple, smoothie

    If there’s one thing I love it’s simple nourishing food. This smoothie couldn’t be more simple and nourishing. All you need is … *A blender. I use a Vitamix blender and have done for years now. *A non dairy milk e.g. almond.  Choose one that you prefer. My preference is for my homemade Continue reading »

A gem of a salad

  Little Gem Lettuce Take one little gem lettuce and peel the leaves away from the stem. Wipe clean any specks of soil sitting in the spines of the leaves. Arrange the leaves in your chosen decorative dish so that they line the base of the dish. I chose a deep dish to place my Continue reading »

Surprisingly easy vegan cheese.

For quite sometime now I have made vegan cheese and I think nothing of it. Then someone comes into my home who isn’t vegan and has never considered eating something created from foods that aren’t dairy, meat, fish, egg or poultry based. And so it occurred to me share with you a cheese that is Continue reading »

In appreciation of speaking at a Green Pages networking event and how the tools of Access Consciousness continue to contribute to me and my life.

 In appreciation of speaking at a Green Pages networking event and how the tools of Access Consciousness continue to contribute to me and my life. I know that’s a long title. Right? And yet I know that it’s the one that wished to be birthed for this blog. So if you’re sitting comfortably I’ll begin Continue reading »

To Trinfinity8 and Beyond

To TRINFINITY8 and Beyond As I set of to Kate’s house I actually had to question why I was going? In my diary I had written ‘Go to Kate’s house’. As I had given myself this order and not put anything else in there I went to Kate’s house. I was glad to do this Continue reading »

Wrexham Write Now & Chocolate Empowerment

Submitted to ‘Wrexham Write Now’, April 2016 – an anthology of stories and poems about Wrexham. For the complete works please go to this link where you can download the complete works for free … www.smashwords.com/books/views/627214   Chocolate Empowerment Having been asked to do a talk to the Women’s Institute group in Wrexham known as Continue reading »