Clear Lens Exchange – Part 2 – What else is possible?

Clear Lens Exchange – Part 2 – What else is possible?

I once owned a pair of varifocal glasses, just once. I didn’t know what suited me in terms of style and black frames were all the rage. I chose black. Not a good look on me in my opinion once I got them. For some people their eye wear is part of who they are. They love the look it brings along and it compliments their fashion sense. For others as they age wearing glasses is a right of passage and a symbol of seniority. For others contact lenses have been their choice for years and years.

For me once was enough with varifocals and I rarely wore them. I carried them in my bag more than I wore them. There did come a point however when I couldn’t manage to read without glasses and ready-readers became a part of me and my life. As the years moved on so did the strength of the glasses I was buying, usually at an airport when I was whiling away the time before a flight.



And what else is possible I kept asking?

The blurry ness of my vision was a total irritation to me and I knew the time had come to take a serious look at something more permanent … surgery.

So the time had come to be assessed and advised as to the best treatment that was available for me. I knew that I desired to have lens replacement. On the train on my way down to London my brain got busy with what if’s, that I used a tool from Access Consciousness, ‘interesting point of view I have this point of view’. Thoughts, feelings and emotions came up, and they were usually negative, judgmental and full of what if’s. By the time I got to the clinic I had a sense of ease with the day, with the tests, with the people and what was going to be said to me. Interesting point of view I have this point of view cleared so much of the gubbins that could have put me off even entering the clinic.

After many tests and approximately three hours later I was informed that I was a perfect candidate for Clear Lens Exchange, Trifocal Lenses. I could have kissed the very handsome young man in front of me out of sheer delight at the words I was hearing. I refrained.

He spent some time with me going through the price of the lens per eye and my payment options. What I loved about this was how up front all this was. No guessing, straight forward and to the point, played out on paper in front of me.

For the briefest of moments as he was looking at his computer screen I asked myself a question, “What will life be like in five years time if I do this?” and then the counter question, “What will life be like in five years time if I don’t do this?” There was absolutely no doubt about this. My knowing was one of joy at having this done and of regret and heaviness if I didn’t. I heard myself saying, “Yes. I choose to have lens replacement. Where do I sign?”. We sat and talked about payment options and chose the deposit plus monthly payments to pay the outstanding hundreds of pounds that would be required for the operations. The total cost for each eye was £3650.

Next we had to choose dates. The clinic does’t have a resident surgeon who does the ops, instead they have choice of surgeons who travel internationally performing these eye operations. August was my best option with Swedish eye surgeon, Dr Goran Helgason.

I was given time to consider both dates and payment options before I had to absolutely commit to this. I didn’t have any objections. I did however have to discuss how this would be payed for with my husband and the dates he could be available as it’s a stipulation that after the surgery someone has to be with you to assist you after the op.

All sorted and the op was scheduled for August, which is now two weeks ago.

You have to know for yourself if this is for you. I can sit here and write about my experience and I can chat with you about it and then you have to ask your questions and experience your own assessment, or not, with a clinic.

Once again I highly recommend AVC and their services. you may however get that another clinic has something that works for you that is different to AVC. Abc kept me informed very step of the way with informative emails and telephone calls of exactly what was expected of me and what I could expect from them.

Are there risks associated with having an op like this? Of course. Nothing is absolute in life and nothing is absolute with any form of surgery. What I can say is that this clinic prides itself on it’s success rate and it is working for me. And what else is possible?

Tomorrow, September 7th, September, has me on a train heading back to London and the clinic for a follow up appointment. I cannot believe that it is only two weeks since both my lenses were replaced with the new and very much improved ones that I now have. I can honestly say that I have never, or I don’t have any recollection of having, sight this clear.

I can see small print with ease. I open my jewelry box and the tiniest of earrings are easily picked out from the many pairs I have in there. I experience a sense of joy when I gaze around and objects are in much sharper focus than I can ever recall. And what else is possible?

Next week I will address some of the questions I’ve been asked about the operation itself.

Until then if you are interested in finding out more about this operation and having an assessment, AVC have very kindly sent me some money off vouchers. If you would like one I have 6 vouchers, then the first six people to contact me , I will send one to you.

How does it get any better than this?