In Praise of Access Bars


Well, after the session, I felt a strange sense of peace – and even though things have been stressful on the surface (work deadlines, arranging Hannah’s new school with resistance from her father) and I was tempted to dip into depression and victimhood, I have felt a sense of buoyancy which has kept me afloat, even when I have wanted to give in.

I have been able to accept the AC truths more easily – and it feels like life is flowing with greater ease.

The session with you was hand-on-heart the most relaxing experience I have ever had.

But I am desperate for more healing – and so impatient – so much so that I would book a session every week if I could afford it! You have a great gift and it was a privilege to receive from you.

Susanna Dodd – Formby, Nr Southport. June 2018


I first met Denise of Deva Empowerment, at a Green Pages networking event in Chester, in April.

It was at this event that I experienced a mini Bars swap session.

After we paired up another lady ran my Bars and I became aware of a beautiful big ball of yellow light in my third eye and lots of gorgeous purple light coming towards me as she started running my Bars.

As everyone changed to a different set of Bars, under Denise’s instruction, everything flowed away and I stayed relaxed and went with it.



It was very lovely and relaxing as you can see from the photograph that was taken of me looking very, very relaxed and enjoying the process.




About ten minutes afterwards I could feel my eyes filling up with tears and I stopped myself from crying. What was this? And I don’t do crying.

I arranged my training day and had my Bars run on my training day and my eyes were physically leaking, not crying, leaking.

Somehow I had this awareness that I knew a massive blockage had been shifted.

And over the coming days and weeks I realised that when I was widowed ten years ago, after about twelve weeks or so my mum had said, “You have to pull yourself together now and stop crying”.  I was actually sick of crying by this point and also thinking, “Come on now, big girls don’t cry”.  I saw this as a sign of weakness. I stopped myself crying and from getting upset.

After I had my Bars run on my training day I realised that I had stifled other emotions as well. Any heightened emotion I stopped, for example, joyous laughter. This was something I was aware of before I had my Bars run, I didn’t laugh out loud as much as my husband and daughter did watching something funny. I was aware that something was funny but I didn’t let myself fully go and enjoy the moment.

Now that I’ve had my Bars run and that blockage has gone and I can laugh out loud and sing, a whole new level of awareness has happened.

It has taken me ten years to grieve and now that that process is over, thanks to having my Bars run, it’s like a massive new beginning for me.

How does it get any better than this?
Denise Allen,  St Helens,  Warrington.  June 2016


Sandra Thompson

The Bars training was a wonderful experience and I would like to thank Denise for her knowledge and the way she taught the subject. A natural teacher and a wonderful lady. Hope to see all the gorgeous ladies on the course in the future. How does it get better than this xxxxxxxxxx
Taken from Facebook after Bars training on August 11th 2015


I filled in the online survey for you, with all good comments of course.  One thing I noticed was when I close my eyes normally I see blurs of light and colour, flashes and floaters etc but after bars yesterday it was like looking at a shimmering moonlit pool.  V pretty There is less of the constant chatter going on in my head, too.

I definitely feel as though my life is moving forward, in a good direction, and fast.  Since Moira introduced me to it I have started putting things in motion that I’ve been thinking about for a while.  When I focus on it, like now while I’m talking about it, I feel like I’m flying.  I feel I could go faster if I wanted to but I want to take it slowly and make sure I take it all in and do it right.

Thank you for facilitating this for me

Ruth Muirhead – June 2015