Right Body for You

What is Right bOdy For You?


Right bOdy For You (RBFY) is a speciality class of Access Conscious about bodies, as well as a book and an audio book.
This class was created by Gary Douglas and Dr Dain Heer about 13 years ago.
RBFY is a great way of getting to know and playing with the tools of Access Consciousness.
The class is growing and changing all the time.
This is a class where you can gain clarity about your body and also with your body.


How do you create your body?
When I realized that I was creating my body from my points of view I didn’t get it.
Isn’t it all about my genes?
I can’t change my body, IT does that. As I get older so my body gets saggy-er and draggy-er. That’s normal isn’t it?
Grey hair, wrinkles, aches and pains – all part of getting older, right?
What if these points of view about bodies, about aging, about olding are just that, points of view?
Oh, so if I can create my body from judgement and points of view, you mean I can create it some other way? And what if my body could be a gift & contribution to me and my life?

What is the right body?
Take a look in the mirror and what do you see?
What if your face and body looking back at you is the right face and body for you?
If you were willing to receive from your body what might you become aware off?
What if you could become aware of what a contribution it actually is?
What if you were aware of all the information it gives you on a regular basis, for example, who to interact with, what food it would prefer to eat, that it truly has your back and is such a contribution to you, your life and living?

No matter what size, shape, colour, health level, your body is the right body for you in all it’s magical, potent glory. Will you now acknowledge this?
You are more than the surface of your body, the physical mass, the cells, the tissues the organs, it’s aches and pains or it’s thoughts feelings and emotions.
YOU are so much more.

So, what if the body you have IS the right body for you? How much kinder can you be to you now?

https://tinyurl.com/y7gvun9f  –  Copy and paste this link into your browser.  This is a link to the Access Consciousness shop where you can find the book and audio book, ‘Right bOdy For You’. Once you’re on the page, scroll to find what you are looking for.


Thank you my beautiful playmate.